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Learning tools, courses and relevant initiatives related to market formation dynamics, sustainability, and system dynamics and systems science.


From research question to dynamic computational model

PhD level course, taught at emlyon by Prof. Jeroen Struben, as part of the new Interdisciplinary Joint European Doctoral Network in System Dynamics. The course focuses on developing purposeful, effective, and behavioural robust computational models for dynamically complex problems. (Next course is dec 9-14 2019, registration via course webpage between oct 1-nov 15.)


Learning tools:

teaching tools
Teaching cases 
Management flight simulators 

Learning in turbulent situations is difficult because we never confront many of the consequences of our most important decisions. Management Flight Simulators are interactive learning tools, through which people can use simulation models to discover, for themselves, how complex systems behave is required to improve people’s mental models. Here we present a few that are relevant to sustainability market transitions or diffusion dynamics more generally.

Related publications:

Publications by other authors providing a good overview or background information of some of the market transitions subjects.

Related organisations and communities

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